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TTSM rotation by Mind Map: TTSM rotation
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TTSM rotation

Instructional Objectives


comfortably &efficiently create a mind map, they should be able to create a moderately elaborate mind map in the allotted 15 minutes

no excessive use of our Guide, but our guide should make sense...

Be familiar with tools &options, esp collaboration, they should understand &be able to use


Conditions: thorough explanation of tools, clearly & accurately written directions

Performance: Audience can understand and follow guide

Criteria: user should be able to create and edit a mind map using the any of the tools explained in the guide.

Presentation plan

introduce ourselves, mind mapping and MindMeister

ask who's familiar with MindMapping software

explain what MindMapping is

explain why we chose MindMeister, best balance between simplicity, usefulness and cost, collaboration feature

walk through setting up an account

we can answer questions they have

explain what we'll be doing in this presentation

also mention logging in

briefly go through Guide

cover everything we'll have them do in the group portion

divide up explanations, Katie, Creating/Adding Topics & Subtopics, sometimes have to hit Enter twice, if they have a small resolution, should only have one sidebar category open at a time, Inserting images, links, attachments, mention icons and how you can click on them to change them, Sheridan, Formatting Lines & Connections, Brian, Sharing & Collaborating, Exporting

PowerPoint?, show bullets in case we do something and they miss it, just objectives + the email they need to share with

divide them into groups &have them create their own map

they will need laptops, bring laptop, more convenient, they can work in groups easily, book a lab, no worries about wireless internet dying

must be an interesting topic, for our sanity

small groups

time limit -- it's not a race to see who finishes first

we'll give them a topic and a list of objectives, and they'll have 15 minutes to create as extensive of a map as they can in the time given, must have at least one image, must have at least one link, must have different colors (?), must use a note, minimum number of suptopics

call time!


go over what they liked/didn't like/had trouble with

talk about making the maps, point out differences between each group's map

did they like MindMeister?, compared to other tools they've used?

mention "Other Features", Tasks

Interesting Topics

sports maps

four seasons

Twilight >D


TV show?

Fun Things I'm Going To Do Today

How To Take Over The Universe

Who would win in a fight?

Chuck Norris vs The World vs Yoda

How to Be a Ninja

How to Catch the Roadrunner

Why Elmer Fudd won't ever catch Bugs Bunny

Scooby Doo

Winnie the Pooh

How to get Fired

or Kicked Out of Walmart

How to Not Be a Geek

100 Ways...

to Use a Strip of Bacon

to Escape

to Avoid Catching on Fire

to Protect Yourself from Bed Intruders

to use Duct Tape

to use your Ex-Boyfriend's Jewelry







Pilot Feedback

introduce ourselves properly

outline presentation at first

early on: it's like GoogleDocs for MindMapping

first, go over Guide,

then create your own map in a group activity

then talk about it


give it to them first, tell them to follow along

show screenshot of Terms

mention the Sidebar's display issue

show Extras

different map theme: no dark purple

good group activity

explain how they need to start a new map for group portion

have people in the back to make sure everyone's keeping up

tell people to create accounts before presentation

explain pro vs free features