Taken -- Airstrip Scene

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Taken -- Airstrip Scene by Mind Map: Taken -- Airstrip Scene

1. -Secrecy motif & dominant theme --> The characters are at a 'secret' place because Krista wants to disclose her secret. Jack had secrets too. Here, mysterious events unfolds in the secrecy of the night. -Illegal status of Krista's mother overlapping unlawfulness of what's going on in the scene. Protagonist swept up in a horrific tragedy involving undocumented aliens -[metaphors] (6) all-business eyes; (28) all summa-cum-laude focused; -[simile] (42) like a ship appearing out of a fog

2. Plot

2.1. [Initial situation] Night has fallen, Krista & Jack are out in the desert by a crashed plane on an old drug-runner's airstrip. She wants to reveal a family secret to him. They've been madly in love for almost 6 months but he doesn't know her mother is an illegal who was taken to the US by coyotes through this very place when 7.

2.2. [Conflict] Suddenly, they hear engine noise in the distance. Jack, worried this could be dangerous, wants to leave but Krista insists they stay and watch.

2.3. [Complication] From their hiding place, they realize two people smugglers have driven a truck full of border-crossers to this very spot.

2.4. [Climax] They then watch on in horror as heavily-armed rival coyotes arrive onto the scene apparently intent on snatching the illegals away from the original smugglers

2.5. [Suspense] Hell breaks loose and people start running for their lives. While Krista is busy taking pictures on her cell, Jack becomes frantic for them to get away.

2.6. [Final Situation] But before they can do so, Jack Berman finds himself staring down the barrel of a shotgun aimed at him.

3. Character

3.1. -[Protagonists] Krista & Jack -[Sidekicks] Jack = Krista's foil? &/or The Illegals, as the protagonists are soon likely to share their plight -[Antagonists]The coyotes & their rivals

4. Themes, motives & symbols

5. Vocabulary of fear & suspense

5.1. -(30) a far-off squeal -(33) muffled engine -(34) dim starlight -(35) trucks crawling toward them -(35) a stab of fear ... whispered frantically -(41) like a ship appearing out of a fog -(41) rumbled onto the (...) landing strip -(45) the cab creaked open -(49) a loud clatter -(55) cringed with a fresh burst of fear -(61) strained to identify /(63) listen -(70) headlights... snapped on -(72) lighting ... in stark relief -(72) three off-road trucks roared forward -(74) ... shouted ... scrambled chatter ...milling -(76) skidded in a loose circle

5.1.1. Focus on Language

5.1.2. > Verbes à particule + traduction + technique dite du "chassé-croisé)

5.1.3. http://www.english-for-techies.net/english-to-french%20translation/chasse-croise.htm