Women in Public Life

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Women in Public Life by Mind Map: Women in Public Life

1. women in the work force

1.1. Farm Women

1.1.1. women worked on the farm

1.2. women in industry

1.2.1. at the turn of the century 1 out of 5 women lost jobs

1.3. domestic workers

1.3.1. women had to find jobs

2. women lead reform

2.1. Women in higher education

2.1.1. women could go to college

2.2. Women in reform

2.2.1. some educated women created reform groups

2.2.2. in 1896 a group of african america women created the National Association of Colored Women(NACW)

2.3. Three Part Strategy

2.3.1. 1.women starting attending court cases that tested the 14th amendment

2.3.2. 2.women pushed for the national constitutional amendment to give them the right to vote

2.3.3. women tried to convince state legislatures to allow them to vote