3x3 Magic Number Game

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3x3 Magic Number Game by Mind Map: 3x3 Magic Number Game

1. Visual Cells

1.1. 3x3 cells

1.1.1. Create 9 varialbe

1.1.2. show on board

1.2. Summation cells

1.2.1. Create 8 summing variables each row each column each diagonal

2. Processes

2.1. Summing

2.1.1. sum each row store in row summation cells

2.1.2. sum each column store in column summations cells

2.1.3. sum both diagonals store in diagonal summation cells

2.2. Error Checking

2.2.1. Cell validity Actions Don't allow wrong entry provide a brief message Test Test for numbers 1-9 Rules numbers between 1 and 9

2.2.2. Alerts Duplicates For every cell change test for duplicate in the other 8 cells

3. User Interface