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Personal Financial Planning: by Mind Map: Personal Financial Planning:
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Personal Financial Planning:


Servicemans Group Life Insurance


Military Will

Space Available Travel

Health Benefits

Qualifying for AD Benefits

TriCare for Reservists

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Direct Deposit Established

My Pay Log-On & Password

Leave & Earning Statement Review/Definitions

Rules & Process:

Flight Pay

Combat Pay

BAS: Sustenance

BAH: Housing

Federal Taxes Withheld/ Tax Free Sorties

Career Field Reenlistment Incentive: Bonus Pay

Record Keeping

Federal Taxes

Flying Currency



College Planning

Educational Institution: Commuter / Non commuter

Qualifying for Post 911 GI Bill

Federal Financial Aid


Income Limits

Application Timelines

Retirement Planning

Thrift Savings Plan

Log on & Password

Beneficiary Documentation

Fund Allocation

Retirement System

Virtual MPF Log on & Password

Point Tables

Computation of Points

Good & Bad Retirement Year


AFI 1001

Reserve Forces Almanac

Thrift Savings Intro Packet

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Student Questions or Concerns?