7 Habits of Highly Effective people - 1 - Proactive

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7 Habits of Highly Effective people - 1 - Proactive by Mind Map: 7 Habits of Highly Effective people - 1 - Proactive

1. Conditioning

1.1. Stimulus

1.1.1. External conditions

1.1.2. circumstances

1.1.3. Something happens to us

1.2. Response

1.2.1. Blame circumstances/conditions

1.2.2. Act based on feelings

2. TRUTH is

2.1. Stimulus

2.2. Freedom to choose

2.2.1. Based on Values Understand your values Courage Growth and LEarning Ambition

2.2.2. Character

2.2.3. Will

2.2.4. Conscience

2.3. Response

2.3.1. Chosing your response deliberately

3. Reactive v/s PRoactive

3.1. Driven by Feelings/circumstances/conditions/envirnment

3.2. Driven by Values and character

4. Circle of concern

4.1. All the things you care about

4.2. Inside it is a circle of all the things that you can influence

4.2.1. Reactive person is unknowingly shrinking that circle of influence Worried about not having If I had this resource I dont have this skill I wish I had that HAVING is the Key Word

4.2.2. Proactive person is constantly growing their circle of influence By BEING By ACTING

4.2.3. Positive thinking v/s Proactive thinking Not some feel good mumbo-jumbo I realize things are the way they are I can take action I can influence and change reality

5. Entrepreneur

5.1. STIMULUS: Had a major loss this quarter

5.1.1. Reactive Response - call a staff meeting Blame the market Blame your staff Blame the government regulations YOU GET MAD You feel angry

5.1.2. Proactive Response - call a meeting Acknowledge the tough conditions Act based on your values of Courage Learning and Growth Ambition Figure out a plan to attack these conditions BE STRONG GREAT DO Learn Grow We will use this situation to build character