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1. What if ADR didn't work or suit the situation? An Overview of Courts and their Roles

1.1. Trial Court

1.2. Appellate Courts and Judicial Review

1.2.1. the Process of Judicial Review

1.2.2. the Role of Appellate Courts: Checking for Errors

1.2.3. the Role of Appellate Courts: Statutory Interpretation, Precedent, and Stare Decisis Setting Precedent the Quality of Precedent the Purposes of Precedent the Interpretation of Precedent when Precedent is Not Followed

2. What are the types of Courts and What determines which Court hears what Cases?

2.1. The Concept of Jurisdiction

2.2. Subject Matter Jurisdiction of Courts

2.3. the Authority over Content

2.4. the Federal Court System

2.4.1. Federal Jurisdiction when the US is a Party

2.4.2. Federal Jurisdiction for a Federal Question

2.4.3. Federal Jurisdiction by Diversity

2.4.4. Federal Jurisdiction in the Special Trial Courts of the Federal System

2.5. the Federal Court System Structure

2.5.1. Federal District Court: the Trial Court

2.5.2. the Appellate level

2.5.3. the US Supreme Court

2.6. the State Court Systems

2.6.1. State Trial Courts

2.6.2. State Appellate Courts

2.6.3. State Supreme Courts

3. Where would the Court be Located? In Peronam Jurisdiction of Courts (DIAGRAM p. 64)

3.1. Ownership of Property within the State

3.2. Volunteer Jurisdiction

3.3. Presence in the State

3.3.1. Residence

3.3.2. "Minimum Contacts"

3.3.3. Long-Arm Statutes: the Tool of Minimum Contracts

4. What are the Ways for Resolving Business Dispute? Trying Alternative to Litigation

4.1. Arbitration

4.1.1. Binding arbitration

4.1.2. Nonbinding arbitration

4.2. Mediation

4.3. Medarb

4.4. the Minitrial

4.5. Rent-a-judge

4.6. Summary Jury Trials

4.7. Early Neutral Evaluation

4.8. Peer Review

5. What would it be like if a Business went to Court?

6. The Parties in Court

6.1. Plaintiffs

6.2. Defendants

6.3. Lawyers

6.4. Judges

6.5. Other names of Parties

7. The Trial Process

7.1. the Complaint (Petition)

7.2. the Summons

7.3. the Answer

7.4. Ending a Case Early: Judges and Motions

7.5. the Trial itself

7.5.1. the Type of Trials - Jury or Nonjury

7.5.2. the Trial Content

8. The International Courts