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Sexual Reproduction by Mind Map: Sexual Reproduction
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Sexual Reproduction

reproductive system


ovary, produces sex hormones and ova

Fallopian tube, tubes that carries the ovum to the uterus, cilia is present to 'sweep' the ovum to the uterus

vagina, site where sperms are deposited during sexual intercourse

cervix, neck of uterus which widens during childbirth

uterus, structure where fertilised ovum will be implanted in, where the embryo develops during pregnancy


scrotum, sac that holds the testis outside the body

sex glands, forms semen, releases fluids that nourishes and protect the sperm

epididymis, stores the sperms that are produced

urethra, tube that carries sperm and urine out of the body

testis, produces sperms

sperm duct, tube that carries sperm from the epididymis to the urethra

penis, male sex organ, deposits sperm in the vagina during sexual intercourse

contraceptive methods


permanent, vasectomy, tie and cut the sperm duct

temporary, condom, fine rubber worn over the penis, act as a barrier between eggs and sperms, may be coated with spermicide to kill the sperms


permanent, ligation, to cut and tie the Fallopian tube

temporary, diaphragm, a rubber cap inserted into the vagina and placed over the cervix before sexual intercourse, acts as a barrier between eggs and sperms, may be used with spermicide, contraceptive pills, contains synthetic female sex hormones, suppresses the development and release of eggs, intra-uterine device(IUD), inserted into the uterus by doctors, prevent implantation of the fertilised egg in the uterus


the fusion of an ovum and a sperm


AIDS(acquired immunodeficiency syndrome)



menstrual cycle

mensuration(days 1-5)

uterine lining,unfertilised egg and blood is shed with the help of muscular contractions of the uterus

contractions causes cramps

thickening of uterine lining

to prepare for implantation,lining thickens and become spongy

becomes full of capillaries

ovulation(days 14-16)

considered most fertile period

process whereby a mature ovum is released from an ovary