Globalization 3.0

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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0

1. Internet

1.1. You can do anything on the web

1.2. Consumers can buy products online.

2. uploading

2.1. Allows people to upload pictures, videos, etc...

2.2. Uploading is very popular in todays day of age.

3. Cold War

3.1. Started in 1945

3.2. When the Berlin Wall fell it made communicatiion between East and West Germany more easy to make a flatter world.

4. informing

4.1. If it wasn't for informing, companys couldn't do business as effective as now.

4.2. Companys can tell consumers about thier products, so they can sell thier products.

5. Off shoring

5.1. Takes the entire company and moves it overseas.

5.2. Creates the same products just cheaper labor and materials.

6. Supply Chains

6.1. Makes transporting products from one company to another more productive.

6.2. It is one of the most important factors to globalization 3.0

7. work flow software

7.1. Made communications between countries more effective.

7.2. It was an important step in the globalization process.

8. Steroids

8.1. Making more advanced technology.

8.2. Most moblie technology can be done by anyone at anytime anywhere.

9. insourcing

9.1. Keeping jobs in America

9.2. Instead of training another country, they train our own people

10. Outsourcing

10.1. Moving companies out of the U.S to another country to cut on costs.

10.2. There are four different types of outsourcing; Off Shoring, Homesoucing, Military and Fast Food Sourcing.