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Globalization 3.0 by Mind Map: Globalization 3.0
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Globalization 3.0


Moving the whole company to overseas for cheap labor

Make products for cheaper labor costs, lower taxes, lower health care costs, and subsidized enegery


companies move thier labor to other states, countries, and provinces.

makes the world become flatter because the us can get jobs done cheaper

The Internet

A System for creating, organizing and linking documents so they can be easliy browsed over the world.

Tim Berners-lee developed the world wide web

Supply Chain

companies send restocking information to computer to computer automatically

Compaines can now combine with other companies in other countries to better them selves


locally made software can share files or music at any time.

facebook, myspace, youtube, wikispaces are all sites you can upload things to.


most of the products sold in the us are us companies that outsourced jobs and insourced all the products back after they were created cheaper.

helps raise the standered of living all over the world.


Yahoo,google,bing, and are all search engines that give us acces to any information possible

We are any information possible through these search engines

The "Steroids

technological advances can all be used easily.

communicating and sending information has never been better with all of the newfound technological advances

End of The Cold War

Allowed the people to view the world as a whole, making it more flat

Berlin Wall fell october 3, 1990, which was able to spread capitilism

Workflow Software

people can connect all over the world when they can work on the same project.

makes work easier, more efficient, faster and more accurate.