C&H New Year's Time Travel chart

This chart sums up events of C&H New Year's Time Travel series. Characters are called after the year they first appear and first letter of the color of their clothes (ex. if this particular clone of blue shirt character appears first time in 2007 he will be called 2007B) Different color arrows represent journeys of different characters. Yellowish boxes with exclamation marks represent holes in the plot. Feel free to copy, edit or comment on this chart ;)

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C&H New Year's Time Travel chart by Mind Map: C&H New Year's Time Travel chart

1. 2015

1.1. 2012B and 2011G meet 2010B and 2010G who already visited 3000 (because they have glasses) and are now trying to stop clone uprising that took place in 2017

2. 2008

2.1. 2012B and 2011G steal liquor from 2006G and 2006B and use time machine again. 2006G and 2006B also use time machine in search for liquor.

3. 2007

3.1. 2006G and 2006B still stand in front of the time machine

4. 2006

4.1. 2006G and 2006B stand in front of the time machine

5. What happend to 2010B and 2010G between this events?

6. If the time machine was invented in 2016, how did it appear in 2006?

7. Where did 2012B and 2011G go after 2008 events?

8. The reasonable eplanation would be that by going to 2008 to steal liquor 2012B an 2011G started chain reaction that caused tons of their clones from different times to time travel in search for liquor and this is the reason of clone uprising in 2017 and the reason in 2016 2010B says "You've doomed us all."

9. 2016

9.1. 2015G and 2015B invent time machine and get immediately killed by 2012B and 2011G who use the machine to go to 2008 in search for liquor 2010B and 2010G see this and 2010B says "You've doomed us all."

10. 2017

10.1. 2006B and 2006G arrive here , meet 2010B and 2010G and witness the clone uprising.

11. 2018

11.1. 2006B, 2006G, 2010B and 2010G fight with clones.

12. 2014.01

12.1. 2012B and 2011G experiance time paradox and decide to go to 2015 to kill 2015G and 2015B before the invention of time machine

13. 2013

13.1. 2012B cries after 2012G's death and decides to go to 2011 and kill 2011B to replace him

14. 2012

14.1. 2010B and 2010G accidentally arrive in 2012 and kill 2012G

15. 2011

15.1. 2011B and 2011G stand in front of a time machine discussing survival 2012B comes here and kills 2011B to become "Time Travel Murder Friends" with 2011G

16. 2010

16.1. 2010B and 2010G (this time not dressed as prostitutes) decide to go to 3000 in search for glasses

17. 2009

17.1. 2010B and 2010G dressed as prostitutes visit 2009 in search for clients

18. Where did 2010B and 2010G come from? How did they become prostitutes?

19. 2014.12

19.1. 2012B and 2011G accidentally kill a dog on December 31st of 2014