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Transatlantic Youth Agenda EU-LAC cooperation-AEGEE by Mind Map: Transatlantic Youth Agenda EU-LAC cooperation-AEGEE
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Transatlantic Youth Agenda EU-LAC cooperation-AEGEE

The Transatlantic Youth Leadership Exchange will bring together active young people from Europe and Latin America, to discover each other's reality, learn from each other's work, lay the foundations to a permanent transatlantic network, and elaborate a political statement together.  

Initiatives Coordinators

Contact Information

Grantmaking and Donormaking

Link to Grantmaking List

Important Deadlines

Project Outline

Link to the Project Outline in Google Docs

Urgent Actions


Meetings and Agenda


Exchange Structure

Description   During two events of fourteen days each, one in Lima, Peru and one in Brussels, Belgium, 80 participants from both continents and many more young people involved, meet with politicians, visit institutions, carry out projects with local partner NGOs, and discuss with local youth activists, understanding the local political system and culture, and critically reflecting upon the current political cooperation between Europe and Latin America.   Duration and Venues   For the preparation stage, the organising team meets in Lima, Peru, in December 2010; the first exchange event is scheduled to take again place in Lima in March 2011. the second exchange event is in Brussels, Belgium, in June 2011; directly after the second exchange in June 2011, the evaluation meeting will be held in Brussels.

General Aims and Objectives

Working Programme and Activities

Outcome and Prospect


Strategic Documents

Note with Strategic Documents for us

Important Documents for us   I. the Madrid Action Plan 2010-2012 - the six key areas they outline: - the structure is good - "Work programme and then in it:  *Dialogue, *Cooperation Activities and Initiatives, *Expected Results. (should i mention my outline after two-three sentences on the EU-LAC recent relations, starts with "We, the representatives of European and South American student and youth Associations,..." :) - it is attached starting on a blank paper. II. the Final Declaration of the Summit: III. Outline for a Joint Carribean-EU Partnership Strategy - i liked the structure of the document - 1.Context; 2. The Common Vision/Purpose; 3.Shared Priorities; 4.The Way Forward. IV. the Communication from the Commission from 2009 "EU-LA -Global Players in Partnership": All this can be found on: and on left side : Previous Summits archives.

Word File with Additional Activities Proposal


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