Cegedim onsite 23-SEP-2010

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Cegedim onsite 23-SEP-2010 by Mind Map: Cegedim onsite 23-SEP-2010


1.1. Implementation

1.1.1. Xtelligence or SF analyzer

1.1.2. Extra stabilization support

1.1.3. Org Chart completed

1.1.4. Training materials for admins - native language?

1.1.5. Network connectivity Raise to project management issue log

1.1.6. Smartphone exclusion

1.1.7. Training, TTT, etc costs put ideal vs. max class size into the pricing Will we include the training in the SOW

1.1.8. Follow-up on finance (central billing) question

1.1.9. Pay before training?

1.1.10. Term of contract clause to be resolved by CD

1.1.11. Do we want to move any countries into WAVE 2

1.2. Ongoing SOW

1.2.1. No regional support

1.2.2. Stabilization time/support for phase 2 in Wave 1

1.2.3. Bandwidth? does BMS supply?

1.2.4. Harmonize the user range costs How do we handle the exit of a market?

1.3. SWM

1.4. Reporting

1.4.1. What tool do we propose they use Xtelligence How will CHina take this? Have senior management dictate that it is coporate direction

1.4.2. what does CD want us to do

1.4.3. Analysis of GAPS / needs What do the have today? What will the have tomorrow?

1.4.4. Get the RFP and reponses

1.4.5. Steps aparna team finishes the analysis Sam gets the BU meeting on the meeting on the books Get an email Off to the BUs that explains the upcoming meeting and goal of reports

1.5. Master data plans

1.5.1. OneKey AU and KR are on PHARbase - migrating to ONEKEY China has 20 cities ~ 60% market

1.5.2. migration Hook up 2 CD project teams

1.5.3. reference data


2.1. Senior level push down of goal re: reporting

2.2. SOW signing

2.3. Finance awareness



3.1.1. Business perception of OneKEy as the old Pharbase

3.1.2. The Plan Dietmar to provide the steps involved with migrating to OneKey Options for implementation Use Onkey for migration and cleansing use Onekey as the CM Meeting to discuss options use OK for migration activities / cleansing- snapshot Use OK as the CM in the region Which one to do first? Use BMS CM

3.1.3. IN all 7 markets

3.1.4. Statistics behind the offering for each country

3.1.5. Priced as "fee per market" Also priced as number of specialties

3.2. Verification

3.2.1. System admin

3.2.2. DM

4. Mobility


4.1.1. Customer list only

4.1.2. Call detail

4.2. Stick very close the Apple UI requirements

4.3. Initially was created as a secondary device, but has migrated to primary as Development goal

4.4. GOAL: full functional footprint of MI for field users - HO, Mangers,... use the PC version

4.5. Corporate account !$200 from Apple

4.6. Cegedim will offer assett management

4.7. Are the CLP vendors building to the iPAD

4.8. Access & MSL not there

4.9. Affiliation tree control not - as a list only