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Protists by Mind Map: Protists

1. Characteristics

1.1. eukaryotic

1.2. one or many celled

1.3. moist/wet suuroundings

2. Classification

2.1. fungus-like

2.1.1. evolved into fungi

2.1.2. parasite

2.1.3. saprophyte

2.1.4. slime molds digestion takes place outside the body pseudopods saprophytic logs/dead leaves moist/cool/shady places

2.1.5. water molds parasite attack living organisms

2.1.6. downy mildew attack plants weaken kill

2.1.7. spores flagella

2.2. animal-like (protozoans)

2.2.1. can move

2.2.2. Evolved into simple animals

2.2.3. cilliates have cilia little hairs oars paramecium oral groove endocytosis contractile vacuoles

2.2.4. flagelates move with flagella termite stomach sponge filter feeders

2.2.5. pseudopods false foot trapped with endocytosis some are shelled

2.2.6. cannot move most likely parasite malaria African sleeping disease carried by Tsetse flly

2.3. plant-like (algae)

2.3.1. bloom red tide dangerous influx of nutrients

2.3.2. Evolved into simple plants

2.4. euglenoid (plant-animal-like)

3. Reproduction

3.1. mitosis

3.1.1. genetically identical

3.1.2. asexual

3.2. meiosis

3.2.1. genetically variant

3.2.2. sexual