Middle East: Water and Oil problems

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Middle East: Water and Oil problems by Mind Map: Middle East: Water and Oil problems

1. The issue that this region is facing is the scarcity of water in the middle east.

1.1. Regions include:Yemen, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Iraq.

1.1.1. The water have a lack of water and the water they do have it is polluted.

1.1.2. The region as a whole is being impacted because there is a scarcity of water around a variety of countries and that affects the region.

1.2. People can be impacted because the water can transmit multiple diseases and pollutants to the water and people can die. According to the text "The plants harm local wildlife and add pollutants to the region's climate." This shows that people can get sick from drinking polluted water.

1.2.1. The more people who get diseases they will have to get more money to cure those diseases. So this concludes that we need to somehow get fresh water to the people in these regions as quickly and efficiently as possible. And if people use that money on curing the diseases they don't have that money to get fresh water.

1.2.2. And if people die the population will get smaller and smaller, and eventually, the economy would collapse. But even though the economy might collapse, there will be less people meaning that they could have a chance to get fresh water with the less populated area. So this concludes that if the economy does collapse the remaining people still might have a chance to get fresh water.

1.3. A solution could be that we could could raise money and get water to them. According to text "Jordan's average freshwater withdrawal is less than ten percent of Portugal's average, despite being the same size." This shows that Jordan has lack of water and since it is a poor country it doesn't have money to get water.

1.3.1. We could build wells in the regions in the middle east where there is fresh water in need. A well will be good for the regions, but might have a possibility of drilling into the underground oil chambers.

1.3.2. We could also find an organization that helps us. Also we could give an education teaching about hygiene and how to purify water. If we teach them how to purify water they could get the water they have and even if it is not clean they will already know how to purify it. And an education of hygiene will cover multiple subjects they should know to remain a healthy lifestyle.

1.3.3. And we can also teach people to use less water for agriculture as using more water for agriculture will mean that there is less water for drinking. This is important because if they overuse the water and misuse the water like for farming they will not have enough water for themselves. Yes, it is important to give water to the plants but they need it more because they already have a water scarcity problem.

2. Oil is not evenly spread among the middle east.

2.1. Other areas such as Jordan are getting poorer and other areas such as Iraq are getting wealthier by the moment .

2.1.1. The regions are being impacted because regions are fighting over it. The fighting could cause a bigger loss of oil. Along with more violence. According to the text "Just eight Arab countries have actually grown rich from energy exports." This shows that they are getting rich because of oil.

2.1.2. Not everyone or everyplace has enough oil, such as Jordan, while other countries gain money, Jordan loses money. According to the text "In Jordan, which does not have oil the GDP per person is $4,945.13 (2012)." This shows that Jordan is poor based on the price.

2.2. People are impacted by this because they feel as if it is not fair that they do not have as much oil as others.

2.2.1. According to the text "The Arab world’s oil is unevenly shared." This shows that the is unevenly shared.

2.2.2. People owning a low amount of oil are not able to enjoy the same availabilities as those having a large amount of oil.

2.3. One solution is that we can build pipes from one area to another.

2.3.1. It would help transfer the oil from underground to other regions in the middle east.

2.4. We can get the people of the Middle East to collaborate with others and distribute the oil evenly.

2.4.1. This would help a lot because then only one area would not have all the oil and all the regions in the middle east will have oil.

2.4.2. The collaboration would result in a solution that everyone is peaceful and comfortable with.

2.4.3. This concludes that getting the Iraqis (they have most of the oil) to distribute the oil between all the regions is a good idea.