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deposition by Mind Map: deposition

1. wind deposition-comes in two types called windblown deposites and loess.Loess is a crumbly windblown deposit of slit and clay.A dunes is a pile of windblown sand,Dunes form when wind loeses energy and drops the sand.

2. landforms created by deposition-land forms created by deposition are often flat and low.A swamp is a low energy enviorment where fine grained sediment is deposited.Water slows along rivers edges and at the bottom of the channle as a resalt of friction an increace in channel width can slow deposition.Large crashing waves at the beach are high energy and transport sand if waves lose energy some our all of their sediment is deposited.A costal deposition enviorment may include swamps,deltas,beaches,dunes.

3. General deposition-it is the laying down or settling of a material.mass wasting is the downhill movement of large masses