The Hunger Games

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The Hunger Games by Mind Map: The Hunger Games

1. UNIFORMITY: In every district, all the people are treated exactly the same way. In each district every person receives the same amount of food and same type of treatment. All the people in each district also dress the same way. The only people who look slightly different are the people in charge.

2. WORSHIPING A FIGUREHEAD: All the subjects in the novel worship the Capitol. The Capitol is the center that controls everything within the novel. The tributes fear the Capitol since the Capitol holds much power above them. The Capitol has the power to end each one of their lives if they misbehave.

3. PROPAGANDA: The use of propaganda throughout the novel is paramount. The games are broadcasted for all of the districts to watch. Through this method, the Capitol instills in the tributes' heads that the games are good and nothing should change. A lot of hype surrounds the games by the District. Everything that the tributes do is broadcasted and is made into a "fun" filled experience.

4. SURVEILLANCE: All of the districts are constantly under surveillance from the Capitol. Once a tribute is selected they are put under even more surveillance. Katniss and Peeta made it clear that they couldn't say bad things about the capitol even in their own rooms. The Capitol set up cameras and microphones in every place possible in order to make sure their subjects are not planning a rebellion.

5. DISTRUST IN NATURAL WORLD: There is a 24 hour electrified fence placed between District 12 and the woods. The citizens were told that on the other side of the fence are terrible things and animals that could harm them. That way, the Capitol makes the citizens believe that they are protecting them. The capitol makes the citizens believe that the outside world is terrible and dangerous and the way they live now is the best.