Lord of the Flies By William Golding

This is a template of the reading comprehension map for Ms. Moix's English class.

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Lord of the Flies By William Golding by Mind Map: Lord of the Flies By William Golding

1. Author

1.1. William Golding

1.2. Birth: September 19, 1911

1.3. Death: June 19, 1954

1.4. English

1.5. He went to Oxford, and pursued his love of books

2. General Info

2.1. September 17, 1954

2.2. Novel

2.3. English

2.4. An island

3. Plot

3.1. Many schoolboys crash on a deserted island

3.2. They are stuck on a deserted island

3.3. Everybody just wants to have fun, and not help get off the island.

3.4. The splitting of the clans

3.5. The savages keep taking more and more of Ralph's clan, until they are almost the only ones left

3.6. Piggy dies in a battle, and they are all saved by a naval ship while the island burns down

4. Themes, Allusions & Symbols

4.1. The theme is friendship, because if they had stayed friends, then all of the disagreement wouldn't have happened, and piggy wouldn't have died.

4.2. A very important symbol in the book is the sow, that is the single most thing that kept them sane and fed during there time on the island.

4.3. When they kill the pig, it reminds me of A Day No Pigs Would Die. The book where the murder the pig.

5. Characters

5.1. Ralph is a nice, patient boy who likes everything to be very neat

5.2. Piggy is a fat boy who complains about everything, and used to live in a candy shop

5.3. Jack Merridew is a very ignorant and mean boy, he stole the fire, and disobeyed every rule of the island.

6. Vocabulary

6.1. Pgs. 7-52

6.1.1. Creepers: I can't hardly move with all these creeper things. Definition: A type of vine or branch

6.1.2. Virtuous: His voice lifted to the whine of a virtuous recrimination. Definition: having or showing high moral standards

6.2. Pgs. 53-98

6.2.1. Chastisement:In his other life, Maurice would have received chastisement for filling a younger eye with sand Definition: A punishment of some kind.

6.2.2. Littluns: Roger remained with the Littluns Definition: A group of littler, or smaller people.

6.3. Pgs. 99-140

6.3.1. Furtively: He looked around furtively Definition: a kind of sneaky manner

6.3.2. Sunned: He sunned himself in their new respect Definition: to enjoy a certain thing

6.4. Pgs. 141-167

6.4.1. Befouled: The sunlight played over their befouled bodies. Definition: A dirty or polluted thing.

6.4.2. Convulsively: Memory of the dance that none of them had attended shook the four boys convulsively Definition: A sudden violent harsh movement.

7. Summary

7.1. Ralph and Piggy meet, and explore the island. Ralph finds a conch, so he blows it and every boy on the island comes. He meets Jack Merridew and automatically hates him. They start to build shelters, but everyone refuses to help.

7.2. 7-52

7.3. Jack really wants to kill a pig, so he paints his face with clay. When he goes hunting for a pig with the choir, the fire goes out!! Ralph gets very mad, because a plane flies over when the fire went out. Jack ends up killing a pig, but he has lost Ralph's trust.

7.4. 53-98

7.5. Ralph goes hunting with Jack, and wounds a pig, he is drawn to the dark side, but resists because he wants to get back to his little cottage in his hometown. They also talk about killing the beast, this causes them to split apart into two tribes.

7.6. 99-140

7.7. After they split apart, it becomes more and more tense, and battles are getting very ferocious. The savages steal piggy's glasses, and become very dangerous. Ralph and piggy demand for them back, but it just results in a battle the leaves piggy dead, and Ralph badly injured. Ralph ir running away from the man-hunt and fire, and then bumps into a naval officer who saves them all.

7.8. 141-167