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Desktop Project by Mind Map: Desktop Project

1. Shipley Logo, Appropriate and relevant images

2. What to Include

3. College Regulations ; Attend classes, regularly, on time and explain any absence to you course/personal tutor. Apply Yourself seriously to your studies and hand in coursework when your tutor asks for it. Respect college buildings and propertys. Immediately report any unsafe conditions to a member of staff. Not bring any illege substances onto college property. Not bring any offensive weapon into college property. Carry your student identity card at all times. Nor do or say anything which may offend other people, particularly because of their age, belief, culture, different abilitys and disabilities, economic status, gender, race, religion or sexual orientation.

4. Cartoon

5. Retro, Modern, Cartoon, grafiti, Art, Photography, Abstrak.

6. Target Audience

6.1. The target audience age range is mainly between 16 to 21 but sometimes school children use these pc's so its a good idea to keep it appealing to there lifestyle (images). Also some people from the public like to use these pc's so it must be appealing and appropriate.

7. Themes

8. Background: The background should be stylish and should be appealing to the eye, it should be making the audience (user) impressed and want to know more about who made it.