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The Future of Media by Mind Map: The Future of Media
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The Future of Media

social dimension

real time interaction

inspired by MMORPG

guilds, clans


leading to a state of 'flow'

persistent world

challenges, quests

leader boards

News media




online networks

real time interaction


twitter streams

real time curation,, swift river

immersive environment

recognizable design, lay-out

immersive persistent environments

blending virtual and real, augmented reality (AR), location based networks, Foursquare, Gowalla, ...

360 degrees video, real time commenting?, real time virtual presence?

game-like elements



stock competition, leader boards

role-playing, student entrepreneurs

immersion, make people experience what happens, virtual environment, HUDs, serious video games

biz model for news, games

based on content


citizen journalists

data wizards, visualization, 2D, 3D, immersive, API

based on platform

enabling user generated content

enabling third party content and apps

connections are crucial

facilitated by...

entrepreneurial journalists

entrepreneurial technologists

entrepreneurial game devs and designers

company style

open development style

flexible reactions

fast iterations, Agile, Scrum

replacing internal bureaucracy by market, 'end of management', opportunities for individual entrepreneurs