Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from i...

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Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product? by Mind Map: Looking back at your preliminary task, what do you feel you have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?

1. FRONT COVER: The image was not taken in the studio therefore the lighting and how the image looks is not really good. On the other hand my magazine cover image looks much more professional as it was taken in the studio and i used Photoshop to make small changes which enhanced and made the image look better. From this I learnt how to edit and take good quality photography.

2. CONTENTS PAGE: The college contents page is really different to my music magazine contents page. This is mostly because the music magazine contents page had to reflect a specific genre. I achieved that by looking at other music magazines that were 'house' genre.

3. CONTENTS PAGE: I also added a different colour in my magazine contents page which make the page look more lively. I improved a lot I think because compared to the college contents page the magazine one looks much more professional. I learnt how to make the layout more effective.

4. CONTENTS PAGE: First of all the college contents page is on one page and it is really simple. The layout is simple and it only includes images and some text. The background is white and there is no other colours included. On the other hand my magazine contents page is on a double page and has a black background. I understood that if I really wanted to reflect the genre I needed more space. The layout is also totally different because I included more text and more images and other elements.

5. The comments that I got on my college magazine that I addressed when creating my music magazine were: 1:''font on your front cover is a bit too small and hard to read'' 2:''Some part of the cover lines is hard to read due to their positioning.'' 3: ''Some of the numbers on the images are hard to read.'' I addressed these by first of all increasing the font size of my text. I made the cover lines bigger in size and positioned them where they are clearly seen. I made sure it was easy to read them. Finally I addressed the issue of not being able to read the numbers by making them quite big, choosing a different font for it and making it purple. The numbers therefore were visible and easy to read.

6. FRONT COVER: I think I have improved a lot. I say this because the college front cover does not look professional and even the image is not of a really good quality.

7. FRONT COVER: I also added more magazine cover conventional elements such as a skyline and overall I had a better layout for the front cover of my music magazine. From the progress I learnt how to actually create a front cover that looks more professional and consist a suitable image.

8. FRONT COVER: The college cover also looks quite plane and there is a lot of empty space. In addition the cover lines are only black and white which don't stand out a lot and look a bit boring. However for my music magazine I developed my creativity skills more and used more colours. The purple makes the cover stand out more and it brings attention. I also added more cover lines which takes up more space and makes the cover look more full as there is less empty space and more going on.