ICT Lesson Plan

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ICT Lesson Plan by Mind Map: ICT Lesson Plan

1. Collaboration : Grade 8 Social Studies

1.1. Resources

1.1.1. Materials Social Studies Curriculum MindMeister

1.1.2. People Glen Gatin

1.2. Legacy of Ancient Greece and Rome: Social Studies Outcomes

1.2.1. KH-056 Describe technologies and achievements in ancient Greece and Rome Task: Research and presentation

1.2.2. ICT Outcomes Affective Domain Co-2.2 collaborates with others over distance using ICT Cognitive Domain G-2.4 analyzes whether information collected from media sources is sufficient and/or suitable for purpose and audience

1.3. Notes

1.3.1. Ancient Societies

1.3.2. Goals of lesson Appreciate the enduring qualities of the arts, architecture, science, and ideas of ancient Greece and Rome

1.3.3. Reasoning Greek and Roman civilizations dominated European culture for many centuries and continue to have a profound impact on culture, language, thought, science, and the arts in contemporary societies

1.3.4. Method of Instruction Activate In Groups create a collaborative mind map online of the elements that led to the greatness and the enduring influence of the civilizations of Greece and Rome. Groups discuss the most significant factors in the rise and historical impact of civilizations. Acquire Students get into groups of 3 or 4 and create a PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic in Greece or Rome, each participant of the group will research a particular subtopic in the PowerPoint and collaboratively combine their ideas on google Apply Apply their knowledge in a presentation and teach what they have learned to the class

1.3.5. Method Of Assessment I will be looking for students ability to collaboratively work on assingments in groups online Rubric

1.4. Prerequisites

1.4.1. Review Ancient civilizations and the importance of them

1.4.2. Goals To get the students to understand that the present depends on the past

2. Podcasting: Grade 8 English, Poetry

2.1. Resources

2.1.1. English Curriculum

2.1.2. Internet Archive

2.2. Objectives: English

2.2.1. General Outcome 2.2.1 Experience various texts

2.3. Objectives: ICT

2.3.1. Affective S-2.2 analyzes various ICT skill and competency requirements for personal career choices

2.3.2. Cognitive G-2.2 analyzes textual, numerical, aural, and visual information gathered from media sources, applying established criteria

2.4. Notes

2.4.1. Method of Instruction Activate Get kids to read poem in their head first Play the podcast to the class and get them to follow the poem along as it is being said Acquire As a class or in groups get the kids to discuss the poem and figure out what the meaning of the poem is Apply Get the kids to answer questions based on the poem to see if they understand it

2.4.2. Goals of Lesson To present the class with a podcast recording of a poem to see students ability to hear something and analyze it Appreciate Multimedia forums

2.4.3. Method of Assesment The reflection would be a good piece of assessment Rubric

2.5. Prerequisites

2.5.1. Review poetry and how it is to be read differently than a short story or article

2.5.2. Goals: Get students to understand the importance poetry being presented in an audio context

3. Maps Grade 8 Social Studies

3.1. Resources

3.1.1. Google Maps

3.1.2. Social Studies Curriculum

3.2. Objectives: Social Studies

3.2.1. KL-018F Locate on a world map the major francophone countries.

3.3. ICT

3.3.1. Affective Co-2.2 collaborates with others over distance using ICT

3.3.2. Cognitive Pr-2.2 revises electronic work to improve organization and clarity, enhance content and artistry, and meet audience needs, according to established criteria, feedback, and personal preferences

3.4. Notes

3.4.1. Method of Instruction Activate Ask the class what come to mind when they hear francophone?, Acquire From the activate give a brief background of francophone countries. Then give students a list of francaphone countries and they have to create a map on Google maps and find the countries Apply In notes on the map write what they know of country and hand it in

3.4.2. Goals of Lesson To be able to track the learning throughout the Social Studies Unit and be able to collaboratively contribute to the class map To be able to locate places on the map

3.4.3. Method of Assessment I will assess on the students ability to make additions and add information to the class map I will do this by using a class list and check off whether they have added something valuable

3.5. Prerequisites

3.5.1. Be able to use a map and locate places

3.5.2. Understand the importance of francophone countries French colonization

4. Video: Grade 6 Math

4.1. Resources

4.1.1. Math Curriculum

4.1.2. YouTube

4.1.3. Jing

4.2. Objectives: Math

4.2.1. Represent and describe patterns and relationships using graphs and tables.

4.3. Objectives: ICT

4.3.1. Affective S-2.1 analyzes current trends in ICT to predict effects of emerging technologies

4.3.2. Cognitive Pr-2.2 revises electronic work to improve organization and clarity, enhance content and artistry, and meet audience needs, according to established criteria, feedback, and personal preferences

4.4. Notes

4.4.1. Method of Instruction Activate Get students to watch the video that i have created on table of values to create a graph in excel Acquire Students will create their graph with excel using a table of values Apply Analyze the graph and interpret what it means Be able to solve problems based on graph

4.4.2. Goals of Lesson Use technology in order to create and analyze mathematical equations

4.4.3. Method of Assessment Their graph, to see if they are able to create a graph using technology Rubric

4.5. Prerequisites

4.5.1. Be proficient in excel

4.5.2. know how to collect and graph data

5. Permission to use online documents