Discussion Template WATER

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Discussion Template WATER by Mind Map: Discussion Template WATER

1. Experiments

1.1. Test water saving products

1.1.1. Measure how much they reduce the flow of water through the faucet

1.2. Test different types of fog netting materials

1.3. Assess the water quality of rainwater collected from different geographical areas

1.4. Invent your own way of filtering water.

2. Research Questions

2.1. Recycling Greywater: Can Plants Tolerate It?

2.2. What Can People Do to Conserve Water?

2.3. Do low-flow toilets actually conserve water?

2.4. What are some good ways of removing oil from water?

2.5. How much do humans sweat during physical activity?

3. Materials

3.1. Science Fair Information

3.2. The Water Cycle

3.3. Water Web Quest

3.4. Hydrologic Cycle

4. Ideas for Our Science Fair

4.1. Create a mockup for a water saving app

4.2. Make short movie about water conservation

4.2.1. 10 min clip

4.2.2. Borrow cameras from film lab

4.2.3. Where can we save water every day?

4.3. Showcase the different states of water

4.3.1. Ice sculptures

4.3.2. Supercooled water

4.3.3. Snowflakes through microscope

4.4. Experiment: What floats on water?

4.4.1. How does the amount of salt influence this

4.4.2. e.g. Wood, plastic, bodies etc

4.5. Write a song about water