Pollution in the ocean

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Pollution in the ocean by Mind Map: Pollution in the ocean

1. How to help

1.1. I will put contact information for different organizations that help prevent pollution

1.1.1. I will attach a google form so other people can include their information if they want to help out in the organizations or they have an organization that they recommend

1.1.2. I will include other organizations social media accounts so people are able to reach out to them as well.

1.1.3. I think it is important for people to know who to reach out for help so I will include some organizations in my screencast presentation

2. About

2.1. I will give some background on who I am, why I created this website, and why I think it is important to stop polluting the ocean

2.1.1. I will include social media that allows visitors to get in contact with me

3. The purpose of creating this website is to raise awareness about the environment sea animals live in. It is not their fault that they don't have a safe or clean place to live. Humans are the ones to blame for so I want to share with people how we can prevent this and save sea animals lives one step at a time.

4. Home

4.1. In this section I will describe the purpose of the website and the other categories

4.1.1. Digital Photo editing and logo: I will have my websites logo larger on the home page but also on all the other pages on the bottom

4.1.2. I will use canva design to include a header on top of the home page that the other links will be on

4.1.3. I will have a QR code so people can quickly access the website from there phone and taken to the home page

5. Pictures

5.1. This will have pictures of animals being affected by different causes of polluion

5.1.1. I will use a video that I had to create in another class with pictures and facts that people are able to watch

5.1.2. I will include some of this in my screencast presentation since pictures are a good way to truly show how the sea animals are being harmed

5.1.3. I will use digital photo editing to edit some of the pictures

6. Facts

6.1. It will have facts/statistics on how pollution hurts animals and their environment

6.1.1. Infographics will represent information and data on my topic

6.1.2. I will take out some important and main facts about the pollution and use it in my screencast presentation