Nested Structures

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Nested Structures by Mind Map: Nested Structures

1. history

1.1. based on google Dremel paper

1.1.1. very hard to read

1.1.2. there's a bug in it if you find the bug, you understand the paper

1.2. twitter blog explains this paper

1.2.1. Dremel made simple with Parquet

2. example

2.1. message AddressBook { required string owner; repeated string ownerPhoneNumbers; repeated group contacts { required string name; optional string phoneNumber; } }

2.2. tree structure

2.2.1. only write blue node not interested in the intermedia/container/non-leaf node Parquet only write the leaf node

2.2.2. equals table

3. Definition Levels

3.1. diagram

3.2. diagram

3.3. diagram

4. Repetition level

4.1. diagram

4.2. diagram