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1. summary

1.1. logos, slogans & brand names

1.1.1. advertising

1.1.2. identity

1.2. multiple types of branding

1.2.1. human branding slaves criminals

1.2.2. branding of goods/materials

2. history

2.1. 'brand' comes from the Norse/ Germanic root meaning 'burn'

2.2. oldest brands

2.2.1. New node

2.3. how long did branding begin

2.4. what types of branding were used throughout history

3. design

3.1. logo/typeface/colours

3.1.1. how colours and their combinations make people feel

3.1.2. cultural associations with colours

3.1.3. the right or wrong combination can make a huge difference to the legibility of signs

3.2. emotional branding

3.2.1. exploitation of consumers desires

3.2.2. signs - subconcious

3.3. an idea/design becomes a brand

3.3.1. connect with subconcious needs

3.4. identity

3.4.1. trustworthy/loyal

3.4.2. qualities and characteristics people associate with particular brands

3.4.3. products or services

3.4.4. product is the brand

3.5. product > packaging/labelling > advertising

3.6. packaging has to convey the brands promise

3.7. one of the single most important tools in branding