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Google My Maps by Mind Map: Google My Maps

1. What is Google My Maps?

1.1. Users can create custom maps to share and publish online. You can visualize and map data (such as dog-dog friendly hiking spots) -C. Smith

1.1.1. Am I correct in assuming from what you've posted: User can create a map, share it with others, and also invite others to collaborate on it? -Dr. Fritz Yes! It's a great way to make collaborative projects because students can share ownership of the map and each one can edit it. -C. Smith

2. Questions

3. How can Google My Maps be used in the classroom?

3.1. I discovered Google My Maps a few months ago, and I think it could be a great tool for Social Studies and/or Geography classes! Not only can students create their own maps and share, but you can collaborate on a map to incorporate lots of new information -C. Smith

3.1.1. I second this comment! I am SO excited to implement this tool in my future classroom and even now as I’m student-teaching. (Erin Cameron)

3.1.2. This has great applications, especially for younger grades. In early grades, students typically begin social studies by learning about their local area like their city, their neighborhood and eventually their state. I teach in Philadelphia and I can imagine making maps for each "neighborhood" in the city. -E. Braun

3.2. Please leave ideas of how to use Google My Maps in classrooms other than Social Studies

3.2.1. I think that Google My Maps could be used for mathematics in terms of measuring distance. I also think that there are many ELA stories for which teachers could create maps of the town/city in which the story takes place in order to elicit more rich discussions from the students. - P. Bechaver

3.3. I think it could be an interesting way to help students understand science concepts such as weather, ecology, etc., and also to help get students to "buy in" to English/Language Arts lessons around letter writing. S. Owens

3.4. I had to use this tool for a geography class that I recently took. It was informative to learn different aspects of it. You can use latitude/ longitude, an address or even a general zip code to locate various places. I do think that we could use it to tie things into other subjects. For example, today I could have used it to show students where Punxatawney, PA was when we talked and wrote about Groundhog Day. (C. Cruz)

4. As a collaborative learning tool

4.1. Anyone with a Google Drive account has access to this social media app. People with access to the map can edit it or leave comments on other parts of the map, as long as the owner of the map gives permission to do so. -C. Smith

4.2. I think "google my maps" is a great tool but when we pair it with student activity or projects there are limitless opportunities to blend technology with Social studies. They can map our routes, calculate distance etc. If set up right this could be a good tool for students - Jonathan Price

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5.1. Thanks for putting this in!! - P.Bechaver