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Skype by Mind Map: Skype

1. Uses in the classroom

1.1. Can take students on virtual field trips if funding or time is not available

1.1.1. Justin, I just chose your first one to link to, but this is a FANTASTIC list of ways to use Skype in the school setting. I've been struggling a bit to fit the tools we're learning about into the early grades framework, but you've done it here for me! S. Owens

1.1.2. This is such a good idea. I had a teacher once. We Skype with her class every morning with the troops ( her husband) was station somewhere. They did the pledge of allegiance together. They thought it was so cool to see people from a different part of the world. S. Ruggiero

1.1.3. I think this is a great idea! Especially for schools without the student behavior or parent participation to pull off field trips. I think this is a great multicultural tool - this is a great way for students to "visit" places all over the world. L. Williams

1.2. Students can interview professionals from the classroom individually or as a group

1.2.1. I think this is a fantastic way to use Skype in the classroom. I aim to be a history teacher, and with this tool, we can get into contact with experts in the field, depending on our unit of study. -C. Smith

1.3. The teacher can use Skype for after school tutoring

1.3.1. I have friends in NJ who run CASA and I would help them from time to time with skype tutoring. The internet has changed the lives of many. S. Ruggiero

1.4. Used for professional or expert guest speakers

1.5. Learn foreign languages while connecting with classrooms around the world

1.6. Involving parents during presentations or for conferencing

1.6.1. Imagine being able to bring a parent in during the day via Skype for a meeting with both the student and parent? This could be very powerful. -Dr. Fritz Especially for parents who are not in the household, maybe over seas or in the armed forces. L. Williams

1.7. Bring various authors into the classroom while covering their books

1.8. Collaborate with other students or classrooms on a project. (internationally, globally, or the next room over)

1.8.1. I love the idea of having different students collaborate on a project together! Using something like Skype to video message has been invaluable when working with geographically distant students while doing group projects at Drexel! But for our future students, to me this is the next step of the pen pals of yesteryear. I love bringing a diversity of individuals and ideas and backgrounds to work together for some common goal. - L. Beeson

2. Questions

3. Features

3.1. Video calls

3.2. Extensive network of users

3.3. Free to sign up

3.4. Up to 25 users for voice calls

3.5. Large group video calls

3.6. A translator

3.6.1. Wow! What an exciting new development for Skype! This opens up so many possibilities. - L. Beeson