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Cloud Computing by Mind Map: Cloud Computing

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2. Relation to Semantics

2.1. Semantics as a Service

2.2. Semantic Data as a Service

2.3. Cloud as a distributed storage system

2.3.1. focus on dynamic provisioning

2.4. Cloud Computing to deal with the information from sensor networks, stream data

2.4.1. Distributed CEP

2.5. Cloud Based Data Management

2.5.1. Faster

2.5.2. More Scalable

2.5.3. More Responsive

2.6. Cloud Based Data Mining

2.7. Management solution for Cloud Environments

2.8. Bring the cloud paradigm to the management of linked data

2.9. Semantic Application Platforms as a Service

2.10. Solving complex semantic problems faster

2.10.1. mapping

2.10.2. the future is in paralell computing

2.11. How can semantics contribute to cloud computing?

2.11.1. Monitoring and aggregating of data from cloud computing environments

2.11.2. CEP & stream reasoning to manage cloud infrastructures also with respect to optimizing monetary aspects

3. Summary

3.1. What is Cloud Computing to Us

3.1.1. IaaS/PaaS could really help us with our internal processes !!! Stop wasting time buying hardware Google App instead of internal tomcat As computing infrastructure for experiments

3.1.2. Tool to make complex semantic algorithms run faster Mapping Also learning etc To process very large numbers of events

3.1.3. Semantic as a Service Cloud Based (Semantic) Data Storage

3.2. What are we for Cloud Computing

3.2.1. Monitoring and aggregating data from cloud computing environments

3.2.2. CEP & Stream reasoning to manage cloud infrastructures Also- the optimization of applications with respect to monetary aspects

3.3. Next Steps

3.3.1. SiG Cloud Computing How can we use cloud infrastructures Cirrus Cloud in particular How to contribute to cloud computing based on that Call for Participation will come today

3.3.2. Projects Play InDiNet

3.3.3. Proposals and Clollaborations

3.4. Loose Ends

4. Motivation

4.1. Core KSRI topic

4.1.1. Potential to integrate groups

5. Questions

5.1. How can we integrate CEP and cloud computing?

6. Questions

6.1. How can I describe my service etc.

6.2. A new instantiation of the old questions

7. CEP for cloud

7.1. Possible collaboration between cloud and reservoir