Day Two. ULearn

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Day Two. ULearn by Mind Map: Day Two. ULearn

1. Lane Clarke

1.1. explore, investigate,

1.2. Learning

1.2.1. how does real world learning relate to in school learning? mirror the learning that is there when you are not there to teach them reverse engineer your learning and use this in your teaching

1.2.2. where does learning start? relevance means you ask more questions means more questions at the end of the unit read something, saw something, shared with someone......

1.2.3. so what before I do the learning asked purposeful questions, strategic questions multiple petite enquiries, different time scales, tools, recording, organising, check point reflection and evaluation

1.2.4. audience, message, contextualise.....

1.2.5. New unit. come up with so whats........ immersion phase.......content, copncepts, skills and processes, task cards, promopte independance organises and direct rigr. brainstorming phase.. how did they know what they needed to know...... they have been immersed.

1.2.6. Evaluate stage is very important so that they take on the learning


2. Mark Osborne


2.2. onto wiki page, upload videos of students showing how to answer questions.

2.3. [email protected]

3. breakout 3

3.1. mahara showcase