Structures and Forces

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Structures and Forces by Mind Map: Structures and  Forces

1. Forces

1.1. Internal Forces

1.1.1. A force that affects only the inside of a structure Torsion A type of force that twists an object/structure Shear A type of internal force that pushes a structure in opposite directions Tension A type of internal force that stretches a structure Compression A type of internal force that squeezes/presses a structure together

1.2. External Forces

1.2.1. A force that only affects a structure on the outside Load A external force that acts on a structure

2. Structures

2.1. Form

2.1.1. Basic shape of a structure Shell Structure A structure that is hollow on the inside Combination Structure A structure that contains a mixture of the other type of structures. Frame Structure A structure that is made of parts fastened together Solid Strucure A structure that is solid all the way through

2.2. Function

2.2.1. What the structure does/what is it used for Example; The function of this chair is carrying the weight of people or objects that are going to be siting or placed on it. Example; The function of this table is to hold things that will be placed onto it.

2.3. Center of gravity

2.3.1. Where the balance point and where most of the weight is on a structure Image Image

2.4. Effects On Structures

2.4.1. Point of App Exact location where the force meets the structure Example; This person is pushing this box exactly near the middle left of the box. Example; This person is applying the force (poke) exactly on the top of the left arm.

2.4.2. Magnitude Measure of how strong a force is Example; The press is pressing down on the car with a high magnitude. (very strong) Example; This person has a high magnitude in his punching.

2.4.3. Plane of Application side of a structure affected by a force This is an example of plane of application because it shows "panels" that show the sides of the person where a force can be applied. And the plane of application is a side which an applied force passes through. This image is of a person, but it shows the sides of which a force can be applied to.

2.4.4. Direction which way the force is applied to the structure This image shows a person pushing a pole, and pulling the pole. This shows the direction of which the person is pushing/pulling; left and right. This is an image of a person pushing a big weight in the direction up.

2.4.5. Speed of Applicaton How fast the force is moving towards the structure. Example; This boy is running really fast towards the wall Example; The ball is moving really fast away from the person who threw it.

2.4.6. Angle of Application The angle on the structure where the force is put Example; This wreaking ball is going to hit this wall at a 90* angle Example; This person is going to kick the ball at a 90* angle