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Aristotle: Science Strikes Back by Mind Map: Aristotle: Science Strikes Back
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Aristotle: Science Strikes Back

Aristotle's Biology

"All men by nature desire to know. An example is the delight we take in our senses."

To get knowledgewe must begin with our senses

Our Senses Are Different From Those of Other Animals

All forms of life have naturative, reproductive and locomotive power.

Aristotle is different from Plato and Socrates

Aristotle is a scientific and practical thinker

Teleological System

Everything in the world has a cause - things that drive them to be created

The purpose of all art is to teach

"If the art of ship building were in the wood, we would have ships by nature"

Where Are the Forms?

The forms are inside the things themselvs

Everything we see is part of a teleological (Goal Oriented) system

Application to Ethics

The final cause for which humans are created is happiness-Eudaimonia

Ethics is the study of how humans can obtain happiness.