Differentiated Lesson Plan

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Differentiated Lesson Plan by Mind Map: Differentiated Lesson Plan

1. Learning Profile

1.1. Visual

1.1.1. Demonstrate the meaning of vocabulary words with visual props

1.1.2. Use contents such as IReady and ESL Reading Smart designed to help the student improve her reading, writing, listening and speaking skills

1.1.3. Use visual representations such as PowerPoint slides, images, pictures and videos to introduce new concepts and vocabulary

1.2. Kinesthetic

1.2.1. Use hand gestures, facial expression and body language to communicate the meaning of words

1.2.2. Implement language games activities in the classroom to reinforce learning

1.3. Auditory

1.3.1. Provide listening vocabulary activities and have the student articulate the words.

1.3.2. Use fun conversational activities to encourage the student to practice her English. For example, give her a script with the answers and have a native speaker asking the questions

1.3.3. Add sounds to lessons ie., teach animal noises along with animal vocab, sounds of cars, airplanes, trains etc.

2. Objective: Help English Language Learners develop the fundamental skills necessary to become proficient and literate in English

3. Interests

3.1. Technology

3.1.1. Incorporate technology with effective online programs that provide individualized instructions and opportunities to practice in various contexts

3.1.2. Student uses social networking such as Classroom 2.0, and Moodle to collaborate with others and participate in experiential learning experiences

3.2. Readiness

3.2.1. Provide positive social interactions for the student to help her perceive the classroom as a comfortable, friendly place where she feels safe communicating and using her new language skills

3.2.2. Build background knowledge before teaching a lesson and modify lesson contents on student's level

3.2.3. Advise the English language learner to watch educational program in English at home and to participate in extra curricular activities

3.2.4. Assign a short story journals on any prefer topic and have the student write a short paragraph with complete sentences