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Nick by Mind Map: Nick

1. things i like

1.1. alcohol

1.1.1. i drink it a lot i go to a lot of bars el rio zeitgeist docs clock phonebooth knockout

1.1.2. a majority of my paychecks go to buying it

1.1.3. my friends drink a lot too makes it hard not too drink

1.1.4. its fun

1.1.5. my mom thinks i have a drinking problem i dont but maybe i do

1.2. music

1.2.1. like playing it guitar playing for seven years and still suck piano used to play a a kid

1.2.2. better listening to it

1.2.3. going to shows mostly if my friends are playing like going to festivals too but too expensive

1.3. movies

1.3.1. charlie kaufman relatable characters in his films

1.3.2. coen brothers

1.3.3. stanley kubrick

1.4. food

1.4.1. unhealthy eater burgers burritos more burgers

1.4.2. always eating out always broke because of this eat brunch too much brunch is expensive i live by in n out

1.4.3. never cook i'm too lazy

2. background

2.1. raised in bay area

2.1.1. fremont hated it

2.2. only child

2.2.1. i always wanted a sibling

2.2.2. i was always spoiled i think it kind of made me a shitty person now

2.3. raised in a catholic family

2.3.1. went to catholic school all the way through high school stopped believing in god when i was 15 my family still accepts me

2.4. both of my grandmas passed away

2.4.1. last year it was a shitty year i miss them

2.5. my family is small

2.5.1. we all live close to each other so we see each other often we go on vacation a lot together

2.6. i've only been in a fight once

2.6.1. i was 11 i broke a kids nose with a broomstick i was too afraid to hit someone ever again

2.7. my mom works for the airlines

2.7.1. its aloud me to travel a lot france italy mexico

3. daily life

3.1. always tired

3.1.1. difficulty balancing work and school work 4 days a week / school 3 days i'm usually tired when get off work no time for homework

3.1.2. can't sleep at night housemates too loud i live on the other side of the wall that shares with living room

3.1.3. probably because i eat unhealthy

3.2. facebook addict

3.2.1. takes up a lot of my time

3.2.2. distracting districts from homework and practicing other hobbies like making music or drawing

3.2.3. but it's my favorite way to socialize i can more openly express myself cuz i'm not as sociable or funny in real life best wat to keep in touch

3.2.4. i oftentimes regret what i post usually because i'm drunk or just overly emotional

3.3. always broke

3.3.1. things i spend money on food because i never cook at home alcohol go out to bars more often then i should rent my parents help pay for half concerts

3.3.2. job doesn't pay enough 16/hr but they work with my school schedule so i guess thats cool

3.3.3. its too damn expensive living in sf but i don't want to move because all of my friends are here and i love it here

4. strengths

4.1. i like to think i'm nice

4.1.1. i strive to be empathetic

4.2. i've been told i'm funny

4.3. i'm a good dog owner

4.4. good a many different things

4.4.1. but not really good at one particular thing

4.5. very good at growing facial hair

4.6. can make a mean grilled cheese

5. challenges

5.1. i'm insecure

5.2. lazy

5.3. have a hard time exceeding on one particular thing

5.4. have a stutter

5.4.1. makes me socially awkward

6. inspiration

6.1. grimes

6.1.1. she's a talented musician and visual artist

6.2. conor oberst

6.2.1. uses raw emotion in his art which i really admire

6.3. dreambeam

6.3.1. new media artist uses pop culture and internet humor to make engaging art

6.4. rafael rozendaal

7. needs / improvement

7.1. focus more on my "art"

7.1.1. draw more

7.1.2. code more

7.1.3. play music more

7.2. get my priorities straigt

7.2.1. stop going out

8. my future goals

8.1. to be happy

8.2. to find a job that i don't absolutely hate

8.2.1. if i make a lot of money from it that would be cool

8.3. to leave some kind of positive impact on the world when i die