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Health Visitors by Mind Map: Health Visitors

1. Background Info on Role



2. Research

2.1. Immunisations

2.1.1. Qualitative Health visitors’ perception of their role in the universal childhood immunisation programme and their communication strategies with parents (Redsell et al, 2010)

2.1.2. Quantitative

2.2. Injury prevention

2.2.1. Quantitative Does targeting injury prevention towards families in disadvantaged areas reduce inequalities in safety practices? (Kendreick et al, 2009)

3. Media

3.1. "One health visitor for 600 babies" Mirror September 2010

3.2. "Health board concerns grow about lack of health visitors" Hampshire Chronicle October 2010

4. Social media

4.1. blogs

4.2. twitter

4.3. youtube

4.4. facebook