Murder on the Orient Express: Characters

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Murder on the Orient Express: Characters by Mind Map: Murder on the Orient Express: Characters

1. M. Bouc

1.1. Head of Wagon Lit security

1.2. Friend of Poirot

1.3. Polite

1.4. Believes the Italian is the murderer

2. Colonel Arbuthnot

2.1. Fancies Mary

2.2. English Indian

2.3. Retired military

2.4. Does not believe that Mary could have committed the crime

2.4.1. Denies it with feeling

2.5. Says that he was in MacQueen's compartment at 1:15 AM

2.5.1. Stopped talking at 1:45 AM

2.6. Does not like Americans

2.7. Smokes a pipe

2.8. Says he favors trial by jury over private justice

2.9. Cold personality

3. Mary Debenham

3.1. Governess

3.2. Travelling from Iraq to England

3.3. English

3.4. Cold personality

3.5. Very defensive when luggage search is conducted

3.6. Would not tell Poirot the meaning of the suspicious words she'd spoken with the Colonel

3.6.1. Said she was talking about a secret task

3.7. Lost her temper on the day the train was delayed going to Stamboul, which is out of character for her

3.7.1. Says her friend was waiting for her in London and the delay messed up their plans

3.8. She is not, however, worried about the delay with the snow

3.9. Her journey from Iraq to London was the first time she met the Colonel

3.10. Overheard saying "Not now, when it's all over." to Colonel Arbuthnot, but refused to tell Poirot what those words meant

4. Ratchett

4.1. Unkind eyes

4.2. Seems to dislike Poirot

4.3. Rich man with many enemies

4.4. Killed a bit after 1:15 AM - Poirot heard it

4.4.1. As determined by Constantine, a bit after 1:00 AM

4.5. Last seen alive at 12:40 AM when he talked to the conductor

4.6. Stabbed in 15 places - not suicide

4.7. Blunt force wounds given randomly and sloppily

4.8. Told Poirot his life was in danger

4.9. American

4.10. Has received threatening letters from unknown source

4.10.1. Written by multiple people Printed, not written

5. Hector MacQueen

5.1. Ratchett's secretary

5.2. Doesn't seem too surprised about Ratchett's death

5.3. Expected murder before Poirot told him so

5.4. American

5.5. Believes Ratchett left America to escape somebody -- an enemy wanting to kill him?

5.6. Suspects Ratchett isn't Ratchett's real name

5.7. Disliked Ratchett

5.8. Got defensive when Poirot asked if he was on good terms with Ratchett

5.9. Smokes cigarettes

5.10. Was talking to Colonel in his own compartment when the murder happened

5.11. Nervous during luggage search

6. Princess Dragomiroff

6.1. Unusually ugly

6.2. Rich

6.3. Aristocratic

6.4. Large personality

6.5. Has rheumatoid arthritis

7. Mrs. Hubbard

7.1. Talks about her daughter a lot

7.2. Elderly American woman

7.3. On staff of an American college

7.4. "Dead scared" of Ratchett

7.5. Has a distaste for Ratchett, but being merely scared of someone wouldn't be a good motive to kill them.

7.6. Pink flannel and purple silk dressing gowns - no red kimono

7.7. Bloody knife found in her bag

7.8. Button from a Wagon Lit conductor uniform is found by the window in her compartment

7.9. Hinted at an impending murder

8. Hildegarde Schmidt

8.1. German lady's maid of the princess

8.2. Says that a small, dark man in a Wagon Lit conductor's suit with a womanish voice ran into her on her way back from the princess's compartment

8.2.1. Fits the description Hardman gave of Ratchett's enemy

8.3. Keeps her suitcase unlocked

8.4. As Poirot suspected, the Wagon Lit uniform with the missing button is in her suitcase

8.4.1. There is a key in the pocket of the uniform Explains why Mrs. Hubbard's door was locked when Greta tried it, unlocked when Mrs. Hubbard heard the intruder, and locked bn when Michel answered Hubbard's bell

8.5. Recognized her lady's handkerchief when Poirot asked about it and covered for her

9. Countess Andrenyi

9.1. Twenty-something

9.2. Very pretty

9.3. Asleep when murder occurred - took a sleeping draught

9.4. Diplomat

9.5. Has a grease spot on her passport

9.5.1. The grease spot covers a possible H that would connect her with handkerchief in Ratchett's compartment

9.6. She is Helena Goldenberg, daughter of Linda Arden, aunt of Daisy Amrstrong

9.7. Acted foreign but was completely American

10. Count Andrenyi

10.1. Handsome

10.2. Well built

10.3. Thirty-something

10.4. Asleep when murder happened

10.5. Smokes cigarettes

10.6. Control freak

10.7. Diplomat

11. Woman In Red Kimono

11.1. Seen walking away after Poirot heard a thud on his door

11.2. In Ratchett's room before he died, according to Mrs. Hubbard

11.3. Based on what Mrs. Hubbard said, she is a prostitute

12. Greta Ohlsson

12.1. Doesn't speak English very well

12.2. Sister's children are waiting for her

12.3. Swedish

12.4. Pale purple dressing gown

12.5. Works as a matron in a missionary school, is a trained nurse

12.6. 49 years old

12.7. Agitated when a luggage search was conducted

12.8. Nurse to Daisy Armstrong

13. Dr. Constantine

13.1. Small

13.2. Dark

13.3. Greek

13.4. Factual

14. Pierre Michel

14.1. Explains how he found Ratchett on page 53

14.2. Wagon Lit Conductor

15. Conductor (chef de train)

15.1. Conductor of entire train

15.2. Believes a woman killed Ratchett

16. Everybody knows that beyond Ratchett's nice facade was an evil person

17. Poirot

17.1. Factual

17.2. Objective thinker

17.3. Experienced

18. Cyrus Hardman

18.1. Goes under the cover of being a typewriter salesman, but is actually a detective in New York

18.2. American

18.3. Says the murderer is a small, dark man with a womanish voice

18.3.1. Description applies to no one on the train

18.4. Got his sleep during the day and stayed awake during the night on watch; says that he saw nobody leaving or coming onto the train

18.5. Employed by Ratchett to protect him from his enemies

18.6. Smokes cigarettes

19. Antonio Foscarelli

19.1. Italian-American

19.2. Agent for car company Ford

19.3. Seems to be very nice

19.4. Talks a lot about his job and how great America is

19.5. Likes to talk a lot

19.6. Smokes cigarettes

19.7. Chauffeur for the Armstrongs

20. Masterrman

20.1. Ratchett's valet

20.2. Shares a room with the Italian

20.3. Had a toothache on the night of the murder, so he stayed up all night

20.3.1. Confirmed that Antonio never left the room

20.4. Doesn't speak much

20.5. Doesn't like foreigners

20.6. English

20.7. Served in the war with Colonel Armstrong, also his valet in New York