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Software Entrepreneurship by Mind Map: Software Entrepreneurship
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Software Entrepreneurship

starting and promoting software ventures understood as a new firm, business, application or work practice


starting a new software venture from inside an existing company - essential for innovation in the company but sometimes difficult

Under-the-table development

Secretly developing an innovative product without the acceptance of management. Sometimes funds are diverted from other projects to fund the development.


Cultural context

Cultural Barriers

Organizational Structure


Training Intrepreneurs


starting a software dependent business (such as a web or mobile business) where the business model is not to do with making software but the business is software-driven

Virtual Value Chain

opposed to the physical value chain, the virtual value chain adds value trough virtual activites such as: gathering, organization, selection, synthesization and distribution. In gen. value chains may be physical, hybrid or virtual. The virtual value chain is based purely on virtual activities.

open entrepreneurship

Open Entrepreneurship is a term promoted by Björn Paulsson and Jonatan Rogby Lindberg, founders of the web startup. The concept is related to empowering open and free (as in freedom) entrepreneurship, crowdsourced entrepreneurship, free and open sharing of information and experience in entrepreneurship, and helping other entrepreneurs realize their dreams and visions. The goal of Open Entrepreneurship is to help solve our problems, and create a better world together. The concept is related both to Open Innovation, and the Open Source movement, but has its own properties that separates it from those two concepts. Where Open Innovation is mostly for big companies who want to share R&D information and trade patent licences, Open Entrepreneurship is both for SME:s and big business, as well as the lone minipreneur or visionary working on a grand idea. Because it is difficult to implement a great idea alone, Open Entrepreneurship was created as a term, concept,...

Open Innovation

Innovation through an open development effort in a community

Open Source Software (OSS)


starting a new software firm

Venture Capital

an initial investment to help you get your business started. Venture capitalists takes a risk investing in your company and generally expects a sizeable return on the investment.

goal variety

startup has a variety of goals - not just making money or building software

Value chain

Model for analyzing how your business creates value

Intellectual Property (IP)

Ownership (copyright, patents) of intangible products, such as algorithms, inventions, software etc.

Market Research

analyzing a potential market in order to better understand potential customers and to discover business opportunities.

Core Competencies

a set of abilities or skills possessed by the employees of the business


different strategies for companies to consider


overview ways of understanding the whole field of software entrepreneurship based on the work of Sarasvathy - not mutually exclusive

Analyze, Design, Enact

the classical model based on analysis of the business and technology environments, design of a venture (expressed in a business plan), and putting the design into action.  Related to a traditional software engineering approach

Consider, Do, Adjust

Sarasvathy's alternative model base on doing what is achievable with resources at hand in an iterative and incremental way.  Relates to the agile software engineering paradigm.


The overall vision for the future of the business.


making and maintaining contacts important (or potentially important) for the venture


acquiring business partners with complementary skills and knowledge


Your reputation is usefull when searching for seed-stage investments

Social Network