Use of the article "a" and "an"

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Use of the article "a" and "an" by Mind Map: Use of the article "a" and "an"

1. No article : No article is used "a" and "an" when talking in general about plural and uncountable nouns .

2. An exception can be made for using the article "a", even the word begins with a vowel, you can be used to if your Pronunciation is consonant

2.1. a university (We pronounce this word as if it started with the letter "y" which is a consonant sound.)

3. used "a" when the word begins with a consonant

3.1. a game

3.2. a man

4. The words "a" and "an" are articles to indicate one thing (like "a" or "one" in Spanish ) .

4.1. a book

4.2. an apple

5. It is used "an" when the word begins with a vowel sound .

5.1. an eraser

5.1.1. an orange

5.2. exceptions There are words beginning with a consonant but the first sound of the word is a vowel sound

5.3. an hour ( do not pronounce the "h " in the word. )

6. example of using "a" and "an" using prayers

6.1. He has a book

6.2. fanny is an actress

6.3. they broke an arm

6.4. nohemi has a shirt

6.5. an elephant escaped the animal park

7. I leave this URL per so they can understand more clearly the use of the articles "a" and "an" through video.