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Music App by Mind Map: Music App

1. Structure

1.1. Stash repository

1.1.1. xCode project

1.1.2. Spotify server

1.2. designs in Box

1.2.1. font: LL Brown

1.3. Crashlytics/Fabric distribution

1.3.1. icon

1.3.2. Huge team + ??

1.4. supported devices

1.4.1. iOS 9 iPhone 5s iPhone 6 iPhone 6s iPhone 6+

1.5. staff

1.5.1. Tim Zirolnik, BA

1.5.2. Mark Ellison, PM

1.5.3. Mike Welles, technical director

1.5.4. Mark Howell, developer

1.5.5. Sonam Dhingra, developer

1.5.6. Chris Cubellis, product designer

1.5.7. Elizabeth Zagroba, tester

1.6. listen with your Twitter connections to existing playlists from Spotify premium

2. Function

2.1. authenticate Spotify

2.1.1. text needs shrinking on iPhone 5s

2.1.2. header: Import your playlists.

2.1.3. description: Connect to Spotify to import your music.

2.1.4. CTA: Connect to Spotify opens app on iOS 8 opens modal in Muzik Party on iOS 9 wrong Spotify logo green

2.1.5. only works on premium accounts at the moment

2.1.6. no logout yet

2.2. startup

2.2.1. animated splash screen w/bubbles audio paused

2.3. create room

2.3.1. select playlist no playlists one playlist many playlists

2.3.2. show playing screen

2.3.3. X stops streaming and closes room user returns to playlist screen are you sure modal

2.3.4. song name truncated to one line

2.3.5. artist name truncated to one line

2.3.6. progress bar elapsed time total time

2.3.7. bubbles not currently interactive

2.3.8. not yet album art theme colors background color bubble colors listener(s) info up next menu icon settings icon

3. Interfaces

3.1. iOS status bar hidden throughout the app

4. Operations

4.1. stay logged into Spotify when you

4.1.1. force quit

4.1.2. open for more than an hour

4.1.3. turn phone off and on

4.2. get logged out of Spotify and prompt to login again when you

4.2.1. revoke auth from Spotify side

4.2.2. uninstall and reinstall the app

4.2.3. erase all content and settings from the phone

5. Data

5.1. does Spotify login persist:

5.1.1. force close

5.1.2. logout of Spotify web

5.1.3. logout of Spotify app

6. Time

6.1. Spotify authentication expires after an hour. We have to set up a dedicated server to refresh the tokens on app startup.

7. Key

7.1. issue with Spotify SDK

7.2. bug

7.3. goal

7.4. planned enhancement

7.5. outstanding question