Othello character mind map

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Othello character mind map by Mind Map: Othello character mind map

1. The Duke

1.1. The Duke well respects Othello as a military servant and he is well known and looked up upon my many within their community. When needed The Duke and Othello combine their wisdom and power to target a common enemy. "Valiant Othello, we must straight employ you against the general enemy Ottoman"

2. Montana

2.1. Montana is the governor of Cyprus before Othello and is still quite powerful.

3. Desdemona

3.1. Desdemona is quite self-possessed and a defensive woman. She is manipulative and knows how to make one jealous.

4. Bianca

4.1. Bianca is a prostitute and she quite likes Cassio since he constantly teases her with the idea of marriage.

5. Emilia

5.1. Emilia is married to Iago, she is also an attendant for Desdemona and is highly influenced by her. Her marriage with Iago is time consuming and isn't working out for the best for the both of them. " This is the night that either makes me or fordoes [undoes] me quite”

6. Brabantio

6.1. Brabantio is close friends with Othello and feels betrayed when Othello married his daughter, Desdemona in secret. Desdemona also kept a secret from her father which he was very torn by. "She has deceived her father and may thee."2

7. Othello

7.1. Othello is a well respected man who many look up to as he is a man of great power.

8. Casssio

8.1. Cassio is young and an inexperienced fellow however he gets by using his good looks as well as smarts. Iago does not like Cassio because he wants his position as lieutenante. "Cassio, a Florentine, a fellow almost damn'd in a fair wife, that never set a squadron in the field."

9. Iago

9.1. Iago is a vilan he is motivated but in quite negative ways. He has a grand master plan to kill Othello. He despises Othello because he is envois of him. "Honest Iago, my Desdemona I must leave thee"

10. Rodreigo

10.1. Rodreigo is young, rich and foolish. He is quite easily influenced by Iago since he feels as if Iago can and will help him win Desdemona over.