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Sustaining and embedding innovations - a Good Practice Guide by Mind Map: Sustaining and embedding innovations - a Good Practice Guide
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Sustaining and embedding innovations - a Good Practice Guide


Key areas this guide covers

Rationale for this guide

Stages of innovation

What do we mean by sustainability and embedding?

Understanding the serendipity nature of innovation projects

Changing people and culture

Key tips

Simple approaches


Scenario planning

Developing a communications and stakeholder engagement strategy and plan

Change management techniques

Developing communities of practice

Using Web2 applications to support communities of practice

Embedding or aligning with strategies,processes, systems, initiatives and services

Key points

Aligning with institutional goals, drivers and needs

Embedding in strategies

Embedding in processes, systems, initiatives and services

Developing a sustainability and embedding plan

Creating tools and resources

Key points

Options for tools and resources

Tips for producing usable, relevant and accessible resources

The Design Studio

Maintaining the currency of tools and resources

Creating appropriate organisational structures

Key points

Adopting an institutional Continuous Improvement approach

Who is responsible for influencing and facilitating change?

Organisational barriers and issues

Communities of practice for change agents/champions

Evolving staff roles, responsibilities and contracts

Encouraging true partnership working

Becoming more business-like and entrepreneurial

Key points

Focusing on impact and returns of investment

Evaluating costs/benefits

Working with key influencers and budget holders

IPR and licensing

"Business" opportunities

Open approaches

Key points

Sustaining projects via open approaches

Benefits and challenges of open approaches

Open approaches and institutional change

Open Partnerships and Communities

The future of OER in education