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Biggerplate Unplugged 2016 by Mind Map: Biggerplate Unplugged 2016
5.0 stars - 36 reviews range from 0 to 5

Biggerplate Unplugged 2016

Interactive Workshop: Draw Your Big Ideas (Nora Herting @ ImageThink)

Graphic recording

Picturing big ideas

Visual thinking to improve brain power

Draw your big idea

Group activity

Liam Hughes @ Biggerplate - Welcome to BPUN16

Getting to think visually

Knowledge puzzle

Mind mapping

Biggerplate 3.0


Toni Krasnic @ Concise Learning - From Collecting Dots to Connecting Dots

Link to full presentation

Dr. Pablo Buitron @ Boston Medical - Mind mapping for tomorrow's doctors

Medical education

Patient care

Madeleine Philippe @ Universite Saint-Louis Bruxelles - Lifelong thinking and learning skills for tomorrow's knowledge workers


Statue of Liberty

Stephanie Diamond @ Visual Marketing Revolution - Developing marketing strategies using mind maps

Instant content wheel


Content marketers

Roger C. Parker @ Published & Profitable - Mind Mapping for readers and writers

My journey

Writer's balancing act

3-step writing planner

Publishing success cycle

Brian Sodl @ Navigator - Mind mapping and the knowledge worker journey

Organize information

Stand-up comedy

Novice to user to evangelist

Pilot success stories

Larry Wolfe @ Boeing - Mind mapping at Boeing

Mind mapping since 1999

Currently mind mapping technical leader with Boeing

Future of MM at Boeing

Business Value

Interactive Workshop: How to market mind mapping?


Buyer's journey




Biggerplate Brainstorm, Questions, and Awards