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Unit 3 by ashley coron by Mind Map: Unit 3 by ashley coron
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Unit 3 by ashley coron

The goal of this map is to better understand how to add,multiply,divide,and subtract numbers that are not just regular whole numbers.  


integers can be any number inbetween a number line. there are all integers, integers can fit within a set.


Fractions can be added, multiplied,divided,and subtracted. Fractions are easily made into decimals, or mixed fractions. multplying fractions, you multiply across. dividing, you take the second fraction and flip and then multiply adding, and subtracting, you can take the fractions and find a common denominator, and then add them, or subtract.  

Fraction Frenzy




Decimals can be added,subtracted,multiplied, and even divided.

Adding and subtracting

adding and subtracting is done the same way as normal addition or subtraction. the amount of numbers behind each part of the equation is where you count and put the decimal  


Multiplication with decimals is the same setup as the other equations, You line up the numbers, and then count each place behind the decimal and thats how many places you move the decimal when the problem is done.

ways to add or subtract

Use the manipulative papers and show how coloring the thousandths,hundredths,and tenths can be shaded to count them.


Percents can be reduced, and made into decimals by moving the decimal to the left or to the right.


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