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Prepositions by Mind Map: Prepositions

1. Time

1.1. in

1.1.1. I visited Italy in July/ in spring/ in 1994.

1.1.2. In the morning/in the afternoon/in the evening I drink a cup of coffee.

1.1.3. I'll be here in five minutes. (also: within)

1.1.4. This is the first cigarette I've had in three years. (also: within)

1.2. on

1.2.1. Many shops don't open on Sundays.

1.2.2. My birthday in on the 24th of June.

1.3. at

1.3.1. At night I usually play computer games.

1.3.2. At the weekend we're going to go shopping.

1.3.3. There's a meeting at 2.30 this afternoon / at lunch time.

1.4. since

1.4.1. I've been waiting for this moment since my 6th birthday.

1.5. for

1.5.1. I have been waiting for you for 2 hours.

1.6. ago

1.6.1. Two days ago I was a different man.

1.7. till/ until

1.7.1. I'll be waiting here until you apologise.

1.8. after

1.8.1. After a long time I'm able to walk again.

1.9. before

1.9.1. Check your e-mails before you leave.

1.10. by

1.10.1. Please, arrive at home by ten o'clock.

1.11. during

1.11.1. During the football match I was reading the book.

1.12. through

1.12.1. The Hungarians have been suffering through centuries.

1.13. past

1.13.1. It’s past your bedtime.

1.13.2. It's half past ten.


1.14.1. I'll be away from 5 to 8.

2. Place

2.1. in

2.1.1. I live in New York.

2.1.2. This is the best team in the world.

2.1.3. Look at the girl in the picture.

2.2. inside

2.2.1. There is some delicious cream inside this cake.

2.3. on

2.3.1. Look at the picture on the wall.

2.3.2. I saw this movie on TV.

2.3.3. This shop is on the left.

2.4. at

2.4.1. Tina was at the concert with her friends.

2.4.2. I was at home the whole day.

2.4.3. I met her at the bus stop.

2.4.4. I was crying at the corner of room.

2.5. in front of

2.5.1. She started talking to the man in front of her.

2.6. behind

2.6.1. I hung my coat behind the door.

2.7. by, next to, beside, near

2.7.1. The girl stands by / next to / beside/ near the house.

2.8. between

2.8.1. The town lies halfway between Rome and Florence.

2.9. among

2.9.1. There's nothing better than being among good people.

2.10. round/around

2.10.1. There were some pine trees around the lake.

2.11. under

2.11.1. The cat is under the chair.

2.12. below

2.12.1. The plane is just below the clouds.

2.13. over

2.13.1. The bridge is over the sea.

2.13.2. She held the umbrella over both of us.

2.14. above

2.14.1. There is a path above the lake.

2.15. opposite

2.15.1. Kris sat opposite his brother.

2.16. beyond

2.16.1. He pointed to a spot beyond the trees.

3. Movement

3.1. into

3.1.1. The cat jumped into the box.

3.2. out of

3.2.1. Get out of my car!

3.3. onto

3.3.1. Kate jumped onto the bed.

3.4. off

3.4.1. I jumped off the table.


3.5.1. I travelled from Chicago to New York.

3.6. under

3.6.1. He crawled under the table.

3.7. below

3.7.1. The plane descended below the clouds.

3.8. over

3.8.1. I walked over the bridge.

3.9. above

3.9.1. The birds were flying above the lake.

3.10. up

3.10.1. He was walking up the stairs.

3.11. down

3.11.1. The leaves are falling down the trees.

3.12. away from

3.12.1. She turned away from him.

3.13. past

3.13.1. I walked past the post office.

3.14. around

3.14.1. He put his arms around his waist.

3.15. across

3.15.1. Drive across this path and you'll be there.

3.16. through

3.16.1. You shouldn't walk through the forest.

3.17. along

3.17.1. I was walking along this street but I didn't find him.

3.18. against

3.18.1. The bird flew against the window.

3.19. towards

3.19.1. We ran towards the castle.

4. Condition and abstract meaning

4.1. in

4.1.1. He is different than us in many ways.

4.1.2. You'll be in my heart.

4.1.3. I prefer these shoes in black.

4.1.4. Could you give me this skirt in a bigger size?

4.2. on

4.2.1. I'll walk there on foot.

4.2.2. You can count on me.

4.3. at

4.3.1. He shouted at me very loudly.

4.3.2. She was constantly looking at my face.

4.4. for

4.4.1. It will be the best for you.

4.4.2. I bought a necklace for my mother.

4.5. by

4.5.1. I'm reading some short stories written by Chekhov.

4.5.2. Their wages were increased by 12%.

4.5.3. She went by car/train/bus.

4.6. with

4.6.1. I went to the bus station with the paper in my hand.

4.6.2. When I don't have scissors, I cut it with a knife.

4.7. from

4.7.1. I got this sweater from my grandmother.

4.7.2. The desk is made from pine.

4.8. to

4.8.1. He shouted to me.

4.8.2. He gave the rose to me.

4.9. behind

4.9.1. You cannot now what is behind his words.

4.10. through

4.10.1. She was working her way through the problem.

4.10.2. I can't believe you lived through such terrible things.

4.11. by/next to/beside

4.11.1. I'll stand by/next to/beside you.

4.11.2. I have many friends beside you.

4.12. towards

4.12.1. He is friendly towards everyone.

4.13. under/over

4.13.1. It costs under/over 20 dollars.

4.13.2. He did it under my command.

4.14. below/above

4.14.1. The weather is above/below 11 Celsius degree.

4.15. about

4.15.1. Can we talk about the prepositions in English.

4.16. despite

4.16.1. He always listens to me despite his own problems.

4.17. as/like/than

4.17.1. He is not as happy as I am.

4.17.2. There nothing better than a friend like you.

4.17.3. You are taller than me.

4.18. without

4.18.1. I can do it without you.

4.19. within

4.19.1. This is the hardest part within this topic.

4.20. via

4.20.1. I sent you a picture via facebook.

4.20.2. I went to Budapest via Debrecen.

4.21. because of

4.21.1. I went to the party only because of you.

4.22. instead of

4.22.1. You should go to the party instead of staying at home.