Choose2Matter: The Official App of Mad About Mattering

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Choose2Matter: The Official App of Mad About Mattering by Mind Map: Choose2Matter: The Official App of Mad About Mattering

1. Our Mission

1.1. This will be an introductory section of the app that will show people new to the movement about our goal to help everyone know they matter, the MadAboutMattering movement, and how we came together etc.

2. Why You Matter

2.1. This will be a list of reasons for why everyone matters and why it is so important. This also has research and facts proving that people knowing that they matter makes a difference.

3. Everyone Matters

3.1. In the app there will be quotes under the button labeled Everyone Matters. no matter your skin color, weight, height, or disabilities, everyone matters!

4. Mattering on Social Media

4.1. You should always be careful about on social media. Many people mess up by not being nice and not saying the right things. You should always be positive towards other people on social media and let them know they matter.

5. 5 steps to show someone how they matter.

5.1. 1. Always tell them how much they matter. 2. Let them know that you are always there for them. 3. Stir the emotions. 4. Show off your personality and charm them like no other. 5. Invite them to come with you and your friends to hang out.

6. What is this about?

6.1. This app will let people know how much they matter and how they do matter for everything they do.

7. Pictures

7.1. All the pictures will show people showing others how they matter. This will show what you could do and how people look like when they feel happier.

8. 3 Reasons why you should know why you matter.

8.1. 1. some people will commit suicide if they don't know they matter. 2. Some people will start to commit self harm. 3. some people will start to starve themselves or just not eat