Mozilla Goals Cascade

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Mozilla Goals Cascade by Mind Map: Mozilla Goals Cascade

1. Pilot Timeline

1.1. Initial Goals Cascade (Data hierarchy)

1.2. Review with Allison & Slater & Tove

1.3. Final Goals Cascade (Data hierarchy)

1.4. Templates for upload into Workday available

1.5. Test Upload of data to Workday

1.6. Training Materials Created

1.6.1. Video

1.6.2. Print / Mana

1.7. Taxonomy available in Workday

2. Who

2.1. Exec Sponsors : Chris Beard, David Slater

2.2. Sponsor & Champion : Allison Banks

2.3. PgM : Caitlin Galimidi

2.4. HR Ops : Andrea Zingerman

2.4.1. Tove Lam (Director HR Ops)

2.5. Project : Steven Potter

2.6. Q3 Pilot Group

2.6.1. Comms

2.6.2. Metrics

2.6.3. WPR

2.6.4. IT

2.6.5. People

3. Project Information

3.1. How - Scope / Delivery

3.1.1. Goals Data (hierarchy) data table / spreadsheet Owners of each objective listed 4 levels of cascade: company, organization, team (program), individual All planned initiatives for each team

3.1.2. Goals cascade is available in workday

3.1.3. Training Managers need to work with your individuals so they understand need to understand what your employees are working on, and who owns that work individuals

3.1.4. FAQ

3.1.5. Visual Map of Goals Cascade & Objective owners

3.1.6. Data / Reporting (Accountability) Does the work signed up for in Workday match the finance programs allocation during planning? (% resources) Are all employee mozillian working on defined objectives? What objectives are my direct reports working on? Are employees in my org working on objectives in another org? How many employees working on each topline objective? How many employees working on an organization objective?

3.2. Out-of-Scope

3.2.1. Bonus restructuring

3.2.2. individual performance reviews & assessments

4. When

4.1. Q3 Pilot

4.1.1. Operations Teams

4.2. Q4 Beta

4.2.1. Connected Devices

4.2.2. Firefox

4.2.3. Platform

4.3. H1 2017 All Mozilla

5. Constraints

5.1. Requirements

5.1.1. goals cascade needs to be in our performance management tool (Workday)

5.1.2. cascade in the performance tool is easy to read and access

5.1.3. individuals can choose from any of the company or organization obectives

5.1.4. includes all managers and individual contributors, including SCVP

5.1.5. Must be able to see the Description, Key Result & Owner/Driver of each Objective

5.1.6. individuals can select objectives to work on from their own manager / team (accountability)

5.1.7. must be able to show all objectives listed for the quarter (transparency)

5.1.8. must show the owners of objectives (transparency)

6. Success Criteria

6.1. Individuals are able to set their own objectives in Workday based on their organization or team objectives

6.2. Management teams can see what individuals are working on

6.3. Management teams can see what objectives are staffed vs not

7. Objectives

7.1. What - Establish a Goals Cascade at Mozilla

7.1.1. Mozilla Objectives & Key Results

7.1.2. ^ Organization Objectives & Key Results

7.1.3. ^^ Team Objectives & Key Results (Programs)

7.1.4. ^^^ Individual Objectives & Key Results

7.2. Why - Improve Transparency & Accountability in the delivery of Plans

7.2.1. Addresses gaps found in the Bonus Plan Study "major gaps between individual, organizational and topline goals"

7.2.2. Introduce the concept of working within an ecosystem of shared goals & objectives to the Mozilla culture - first steps in the change management process

7.2.3. Accountability: Am I contributing to the overall Mozilla strategies & plans? Is my team contributing to the overall Mozilla strategies and plans?

7.2.4. Visibility: What is my team working on, what objectives do they contribute to?

7.2.5. Transparency: What work is going on in the org? Who owns which program / objective?