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Six Thinking Hats by Mind Map: Six Thinking Hats

1. Black

1.1. We need always to pay attention at the new companies that is entering in this new concept too and think that we need to innovate more and more.

2. white

2.1. Our principal goal is develop this product until 2017 for the people of Oslo could get used to this new concept of the brand, always having in mind that in 2019 the car traffic will not exist at the downtown. We think that this project could be an example to other cities be more healthy and care about the earth. That`s the concept that we want to speak about.

3. Red

3.1. Developing a unique product and put it at the market to be more competitive and bring a hard public to our company that thinks about middle earth.

4. yellow

4.1. With the name of our company we could say that the public that we want to get want our product because of our history in market and for our product be something new, something that almost nobody are thinking about.

5. Green

5.1. We thought about developed a middle of transport free of all kinds of pollution, bringing a new vision, style and sustainability of the brand and all this together with technology.

6. Blue

6.1. We know is not easy to develop this project because of the short time that we have, the organization of all the process and always think at the best way of pick sustainability and put together with technology and style in only one product.