Further training methods

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Further training methods by Mind Map: Further training methods

1. Continuous training

1.1. Any type of training that keeps the heart rate up for a long period of time. This can be achieved by taking part in activities like running, cycling , swimming

2. Interval Training

2.1. This is training that has periods of work and periods of rest

2.2. long interval training - work periods between 15 seconds to 3 minutes at about 80-85 per cent of maximum . This is a good method for games players and middle distance athletes

2.3. Short interval training - short periods of work ,no more than 15 seconds. This is good for short distance and racket sports

3. Fartlek training

3.1. This means 'speed play'. It is a form of interval training that can include walking , brisk walking , jogging and fast steady running.

4. continuous shuttle run

4.1. This is a multi stage fitness test , known as the ' bleep test'

4.2. It involves carrying out a series of 20m shuttle runs in time with the electronic bleep that speeds up every 30 seconds

5. altitude training

5.1. This is where some sort of aerobic exercise is carried out at a higher altitudes where the air is less dense and oxygen levels are low .

5.2. Using this method of training allows an actual physiological change to occur , which increases the oxygen -carrying capacity of the blood .

5.3. Commonly used by long distance runners and long distance cyclists

6. key terms

6.1. Shuttle runs - running backwards and forwards across a set distance

6.2. Aerobic respiration - exercise carried out using the supply of oxygen