Alternatives to Abortion

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Alternatives to Abortion by Mind Map: Alternatives to Abortion

1. Keeping the baby

1.1. In the past it was expected that single mothers put their child up for adoption however in recent times this has changed because of the support their for single mums, this includes housing benefits , social security benefits .

1.2. The father is also legally required to pay for a contribution to the childs support

2. Adoption

2.1. The legal process where a person (child) is taken into the family as a son or daughter

2.2. Usually happens when the mother is in capable of caring for the child e.g she has drug problems or poverty

2.3. Most religions follow the adoption laws of the countries in which the believers live

2.4. Muslims believe blood ties are very important so even if you are raised and cared for by a different family you will always be apart of your original , it is more like fostering

3. Fostering

3.1. The taking of a child from a different family into a family home and brining them up with the rest of the new family

3.2. Fostering is when a mother places her child in temporary foster care until she is in a postion to look after the child within their own familly