Death Note

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Death Note by Mind Map: Death Note

1. Yin and Yang

1.1. Evil and Light is a balance

1.1.1. Ryuk is the dark with light in him.

1.1.2. Light is the light with dark inside him.

1.1.3. If the balance is upset, the world could create an excess of light or dark.

2. Justice

2.1. Light is killing for the sense of justice.

2.2. L attempts to reveal a sense of real justice to Light.

2.3. The police chief is neutral. Always trying to catch Light, but also keeping balance with supporing him.

3. Apple

3.1. Apple is a symbol of peace.

3.1.1. Light is trying to bring peace to the world.

3.2. Death God Ryuk eats them

3.2.1. Evil Demon

3.3. Garden of Eden

4. Asia

4.1. Basic Setting for the Anime

4.2. Leading Producer in Apples

4.3. Shintoism

4.3.1. Kami have been around since the beginning of time

4.3.2. Kami (Spiritual Being/God)

4.3.3. Shrines Built in Natural Places for Kami

4.3.4. Purity Light's incessant need to purge the world from evil